The Fertile Path

The Fertile Path™ 

Are you struggling with fertility issues? Trying to conceive, but not having any luck? Are you ready to start or add to your family?

Join Alchemical Vitality™ and The Fertile Path™ and learn tools to help increase your fertility.

In these programs you will learn how to create and set goals that support your desire to conceive. Release stress and receive support and guidance through your journey and much more.

 Learn to support your body to have a healthy pregnancy. Obtain support for both the future mom and dad on the journey. 
If you are ready to make the leap into parenthood, contact us today!

By now, you are ready to start your journey with The Fertile Path™.

The Fertile Path™ Programs

We currently offer two types of six month programs and a month long workshop series. Our programs are for everyone wanting to conceive and are complementary with current fertility treatments you may be receiving.

The Fertile Path™ Individual Program:

  • Consists of one on one coaching two times monthly
  • Email support throughout the process
  • Detailed and personal attention to your specific needs
  • Co-create an individualized program that will guide you on your path to fertility

The Fertile Path™ Group Program

  • Learn to create goals that support your desire to conceive
  • Receive individual and group support and guidance through your journey
  • Receive tools that will help to unlock your fertility
  • Join with others who share this path

The Fertile Path™ 1 Month Workshop

  • Learn tools to unlock your body’s ability to heal  
  • Readying yourself for conception and connection with your path to parenthood
  • Reduce stress related to your fertility issues
  • Consists of 4 calls in 4 weeks, 1 call each week

Join The Fertile Path Program Now!  

By taking action now, You will secure a no fee consultation. New clients pay up to  $200 for this initial evaluation.  Unlike other coaches  I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!