The 33

The 33 Program

Have you ever wanted to change the quality of your life?  Do you desire an upgrade mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually?  Have you designed your life the way you want it or is that dream of your ideal life whisking by with every year?  Maybe your career is fulfilling yet other areas of your life such as your health are suffering?  Do you wish to live your life in an authentic and sacred way that honors all aspects of your being?  The 33  is not another health and wellness program.  It is a journey of steps to uncovering and learning to work with your authentic self in such a powerful and clear way that your life will never be the same and the rewards will be ever present.  Those who take this journey are able to:  Transcend old patterns that keep them stuck,  see tangible and lasting positive changes, find their personal blueprint for health and wellness, recognize blocks and move past them, uncover passions and purposes as well as develop a burning desire for change and growth.  Our real life begins once we honor that voice inside ourself that is always leading us to boundless joy, health, happiness and abundance. It’s our job to learn its language and listen to it’s guidance every single day.  

The first few steps of The 33 Program you will begin to restore your vitality!

In The 33 Program you will begin here:

  • Discover where you want to go and break out the steps
  • Recognize energy leaks and learn how to plug them
  • Work on how you fuel your body and discover what works for you
  • Learn tools for uncovering blocks and how to release them in order to make changes that last 
  • Create your daily ritual and learn how rituals can lead to success in all aspects of life
  • Learn  how to create more energy and access more energy
  • Learn how to achieve greater focus
  • Gain tools to de-stress
  • Learn to take responsibility for your health

This is just the beginning!  Each of the above will help you build the foundation you need to create solid changes and upgrade your life! 

Over the course of six months you will create and achieve your goal.  The ideas, concepts and tools that you learn can be used over and over to achieve your goals even after this program ends.  Our desire is that you find the path that works for you and brings you joy! This program is offered in two formats.  It is accessible in a group setting, meeting once a month via teleconference or video conference with individual coaching in between.  Or can be done on an individual level with a wellness guide.

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